The NFL Draft is the culmination of months of research, evaluation, and preparation, not only for front offices, coaching staffs, and scouting departments, but draft enthusiasts and analysts.

This is the core DATA that drives the DRAFTPLEX mock draft process and content experience.


The foundation of DRAFTPLEX, the DRAFTPLEX Board blends vertical and horizontal draft board methodologies into a predictive scheme where players in the upcoming NFL Draft class are tiered according to their projected draft range and stacked by position. With the 32 NFL teams all valuing players and prioritizing needs differently, this distinctive approach has proven to be both pragmatic and increasingly accurate. The DRAFTPLEX Board is comprised of all eligible players who are considered draftable and is updated periodically throughout the draft process.

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Fanspeak OTC Big Board

DRAFTPLEX is proud to be featured as a selectable data option for the Fanspeak On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator. The pioneering online NFL Draft simulator, On the Clock lets you select your drafting team, number of rounds, big board, team needs, and more for an incredibly customizable and realistic NFL Draft simulation. The DRAFTPLEX big board for Fanspeak On the Clock subjectively ranks and stacks the top 300+ players in the upcoming draft class and is updated periodically throughout the draft process.

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As part of the NFL Draft process, analysts and evaluators must not only grade prospects based on their individual merits, but also rank prospects within their position groups to distinguish preference and determine where to stack similarly graded players on their overall board. The DRAFTPLEX Positional Rankings proceeds to rank all prospects with a round grade within their position groups and is updated periodically throughout the draft process.

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Team Needs Matrix

The DRAFTPLEX Team Needs Matrix prioritizes the positional needs of all 32 NFL teams according to the three-day selection process. This involves a systematic review of rosters, depth charts, contract terms, transactions, and other available data, along with personal impressions, to identify positions of consideration for each team and project when they could be addressed in the upcoming draft. The DRAFTPLEX Team Needs Matrix is updated periodically throughout the draft process.

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Each year, thousands of college football players become eligible for the NFL Draft, but only a modest percentage are considered draftable. These are the hundreds of names that populate big boards, online databases, and draft guides. But each NFL team takes this process further — evaluating, valuating, and eliminating prospects from consideration according to their own selective criteria to produce a focused draft board of only 100 names or more from which they almost exclusively draft. This is the principle behind the DRAFTPLEX War Room Board.

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